How The Commission Process Works

After you make initial contact with the studio we'll reply by phone within 1 business day.  Here's an outline of the process.

1.  During the first call we'll find out what you have in mind for your mural or painting.  This fairly brief call is about exchanging basic information and takes about 15 -20 minutes.  If you decide to proceed we'll schedule a meeting which will either be in person if you are located in San Francisco or the Bay Area, or by Skype if you reside elsewhere.

2.  The first meeting will last anywhere from 30 to 45 minutes.  We'll thoroughly discuss your basic concept including where the piece will be located, mixing concept with artistic vision.  I'll ask questions to learn more about you, adding depth to the finished painting or mural.  At the end of this meeting I'll collect a deposit by credit card.

3.  I'll begin painting. You will be contacted by phone, text or email -- your choice -- throughout the process and will receive pictures of the painting in progress.  You are invited to call the studio with any comments and questions.

4.  When the piece is complete you'll sign off that it's to your satisfaction. You'll either see it via Skype or at the studio before it's delivered.  We'll contact you about that.  At that time we'll also schedule the installation/delivery/completion date.

5.  Then the finished painting/mural is installed/unveiled.  Upon arrival we'll collect the balance due on the art and then proceed with the installation. Allow about an hour for us to complete the installation.  Note that you'll need to have someone present.  We'll also photograph the piece in your home at that time.  Process complete.

Then we'll celebrate.  :)

To contact the studio email us here
or use the same link to text us from your mobile device.

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