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Metropolitan Museum of Art
The world famous New York museum.  Tremendous resource for getting a sense of art history.

The Louvre
Paris, France's outstanding museum.   Artists especially, please check this out.  Collectors and officianados will get an even greater sense of art history here.

World Wide Arts Resources (WWAR)
This site is a great resource for artists and collectors.  For artists -- you can register your website for listing or, if you don't have a website you can use their resources and have your art viewed at WWAR.   For collectors -- this is a pretty impressive collection of art from around the world.

Arts Journal Daily
This publication has information concerning various branches of the arts including visual, dance, music and theatre, as well as articles concerning the politics of art.  Very valuable resource.

Arts Online TM
This is an online arts resource worth checking out.

Jane Rosen, Sculptor
The best professor I ever had was an amazing woman at School of Visual Arts named Jane Rosen, who above all taught me to see.   Jane now lives on her ranch in San Gregorio, California where she continues to create amazing sculpture which is in collections around the world.

The Tate Museum
Get a sense of what's happening in Europe.

The Art Newspaper
Read all about it.   Artist and collector resource.

On Cubism
Why is this here?  After happening upon it, decided it was a good resource for artists and other interested souls.

Centre Pompidou
Paris' equivalent to The Modern (pick a city).

A Brief History of Trompe L'oeil
An article by Jonsson.   Briefly explains the history of the medium from ancient times through the present.

A Brief History of Murals and Mural Painting
An article by Jonsson.  Briefly explains the history of the medium from ancient times through the present.

The Cost of Making Art
An article by Jonsson.  Ever wonder why a work of art seems so expensive?  Have a read.  

Direction for the 21st Century
An article by Jonsson.   As we've all noticed, the art world has changed tremendously.   Here's what you need to know.

For Artists Only
An article by Jonsson.   What are the different types of patrons?   As an artist, what do you have to do to succeed?  To survive?  This article will tell you.

Traditional Fine Arts Organization (TFAO)
"A non-profit organization dedicated to furthering education in American art through advocacy, publication and research."

Sistine Chapel Virtual Tour
A virtual tour of The Chapel.  If you haven't seen this before it's worth checking out.   The quality of your viewing experience will depend largely on the computer you are viewing the tour from.

The Self-Sustaining Rittenhouse
Cross section of the self-sustaining home with info.  Very interesting!

Electric People
Ever heard of electric people?  I hadn't.  Fascinatiing.

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