During the past nearly 20 years we've shifted from the 20th century method of buying and selling art to the truly awesome 21st century version of same. It's an exciting time to be involved in the art world.  Whether you're an emerging or  mature artist, a novice or seasoned collector, a regional or a blue-chip art dealer, we all want to know where the art world is heading at all times. What is the art business model now ? As artists we want to know so we can continue to be innovative.  As collectors we need to determine whose and which art is worth buying.  To uncover the direction the art world is heading, we'll have to put some historical perspective on the matter.

Looking back over the past decade, we can see how there has been a complete revolution in The Arts, from the way art is presented (on the Internet, for example), to the way art is sold (again on the Internet), at world-class art fairs,
unexpected locations and venues like parking garages and lounge ceilings.  The result -- intense and tremendous compe-tition.  Furthermore, because of the Internet, more artists than at any time in history have access to the public (specifically the buying public).  In today's art world each artist is essentially his or her own private gallery. Thus the various points of sale worldwide have increased exponentially.

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A Brief History of Trompe L'oeil

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Direction For The
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